Generating sequences

Quadratic Sequences

Solving Equations using iteration

Solving Quadratic inequalities

Ratio and Graphs

Direct Proportion

Inverse Proportion

Other types of graph

Function Notation

Composite Functions

Translating Graphs

Reflecting Graphs

Inverse Functions


Generating sequences (words)

Generating different types of sequences

Linear nth term (inc graphs)

Generating using the nth term

Sequences and Ratio

Combining Ratios

Unit Pricing

Currency Conversions

Direct Proportion

Inverse Proportion

Lesson 1 – Generating different types of sequences

Lesson 2 – Quadratic Sequences

Lesson 3 – Completing the square using algebra tiles (*Also in Year 9 Spring 2)

Lesson 4 – Further completing the square*

Lesson 5 – The vertex of a Quadratic*

Lesson 6 – Solving Quadratic equations by completing the square*

Lesson 7 – The Quadratic Formula* 

Lesson 8 – Solving Equations using Iteration

Lesson 9 – Solving Quadratic Inequalities

Lesson 10 – Direct Proportion

Lesson 11 – Inverse Proportion 

Lesson 12 – Drawing and recognising other types of graph

Lesson 13 – Translating Graphs

Lesson 14 – Reflecting Functions