9 Spring 1

Angles, Construction and Congruence

For live lesson resources for concepts from Lessons 1 to 8 click here.

Construction will be taught in person once students return to school.

Lesson 1 Vertically opposite angles and angles in parallel lines
Lesson 2Corresponding, alternate and interior angles
Lesson 3 Angles on parallel lines
Lesson 4 Bearings
Lesson 4 Constructing polygons
Lesson 5Interior angles of polygons
Lesson 6 Exterior angles in polygons
Lesson 7Solving problems using angles in polygons
Lesson 8Tessellations
Lesson 9Constructing triangles ASA and SAS
Lesson 10Constructing triangles SSS
Lesson 11Introduction to congruence
Lesson 12Constructing an angle bisector
Lesson 13Constructing a perpendicular from a point
Lesson 14Constructing a perpendicular bisector
Lesson 15Constructing angles (30°, 60° etc)