9 Spring 1

Angles, Construction and Congruence

This unit of work builds on work from Year 7 Spring 1 Lesson 4. Its is included here as a recap in lesson 1.

Lesson 9 is also taken from the Year 7 scheme.

Lesson 1 Vertically opposite angles and angles in parallel lines
Lesson 2 Corresponding, alternate and interior angles
Lesson 3 Angles on parallel lines
Lesson 4 Constructing polygons
Lesson 5 Interior angles of polygons
Lesson 6 Exterior angles in polygons
Lesson 7 Solving problems using angles in polygons
Lesson 8 Tessellations
Lesson 9 Constructing triangles ASA and SAS
Lesson 10 Constructing triangles SSS
Lesson 11 Introduction to congruence
Lesson 12 Constructing an angle bisector
Lesson 13 Constructing a perpendicular from a point
Lesson 14 Constructing a perpendicular bisector
Lesson 15 Constructing angles (30°, 60° etc)

Common Assessment 1(Deadline 14/02/20)