9 Summer 1


Teachers will be setting the following clips to be completed each week and will be checking that their students have been keeping up on a regular basis.

  • Finding the hypotenuse – Hegarty maths lesson 498
  • Finding a shorted side – Hegarty maths lesson 499
  • Pythagoras Problems – Hegarty maths lesson 501 to 504
  • Introducing Surds – Hegarty maths lesson 111
  • Simplifying Surds – Hegarty maths lesson 112 to 114
  • Manipulating Surds- Hegarty maths lesson 115 to 117
  • Expanding brackets with surds – Hegarty maths lesson 118
  • Rationalising Surds – Hegarty maths lesson 119
  • 3D Pythagoras – Hegarty maths lesson 505 to 507

Pythagoras and Surds

Lesson 1 Tilted squares
Lesson 2Introduction to Pythagoras – finding the hypotenuse
Lesson 3 Pythagoras – finding a shorter side
Lesson 4 Pythagoras problems
Lesson 5Pythagoras problems that lead to quadratic equations
Lesson 6Introducing surds
Lesson 7Simplifying surds
Lesson 8Manipulating surds
Lesson 9Visualising in 3D
Lesson 10Pythagoras in 3D
Lesson 11Solving 3D Pythagoras problems
Lesson 12Solving 3D Pythagoras in pyramids
Lesson 13Pyramids of Giza
Lesson 14Surface area of pyramids