8 Autumn 2


Lesson 1  Product of Prime Factors
Lesson 2  Index rules – multiplication
Lesson 3  Index rules – division
Lesson 4  Index rules – brackets
Lesson 5  Conventions
Lesson 6  Expanding single brackets
Lesson 7  Factorising single brackets
Lesson 8  Always a multiple
Lesson 9  Forming equations and inequalities
Lesson 10  Evaluating algebraic expressions
Lesson 11 Multiple representations of equations
Lesson 12  Solving equations where the variable is on one side
Lesson 13  Solving split variable equations
Lesson 14  Solving equations with fractional coefficients
Lesson 15  Using equations to solve problems
Lesson 16  Solving inequalities
Lesson 17  Exploring linear equations and inequalities

Many classes found the ‘evaluating expressions’ lesson difficult. The lesson below is another lesson that looks at substitution, this time with two variables. It also investigates the idea of always, sometimes, never but in an alternative way.

This lesson (usually lasts two hours) will become lesson 10 next year, with the ‘evaluating expressions’ following.

Lesson 18  Substitution game

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