Year 7

A simplified overview of the content covered this year. Please see the half term page for a more detailed version.

Autumn 1  Addition & Subtraction

  • Add and subtract negative numbers
  • Use positive and negative numbers in context
  • Simplify expressions by collecting like terms
  • Find the perimeter of shapes
  • Find equivalent fractions (NEW)
  • Convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions (NEW)
  • Addition and Subtraction of fractions (NEW)

AUTUMN 2  Multiplication & Division

  • Compare multiplication and division methods
  • Multiply and Divide Negative Numbers
  • Multiplication and Division of Fractions
  • Find the area of a rectangle, triangle, parallelogram and trapezium
  • Use divisibility rules
  • Identify prime numbers
  • Identify factors and HCF
  • Prime Factorisation (NEW)
  • LCM Functional Problems (NEW)
  • Order of Operations (NEW)

Spring 1 Angles

  • Draw and measure angles
  • Find angles on a straight line, around a point, vertically opposite, in triangles and quadrilaterals
  • Angles in parallel lines
  • Bearings (NEW)


Spring 2 Coordinate Geometry

  • Plot and read Cartesian coordinates
  • Understand the equations of vertical and horizontal lines
  • Find simple rules connecting x and y coordinates
  • Reflect, rotate, enlarge and translate shapes on a Cartesian grid (NEW)

Summer 1 Rounding and Estimation (NEW)

  • Investigate place value
  • Solve problems involving large numbers.
  • Solve problems that require assumptions to be made
  • Rounding to decimal places
  • Rounding to significant figures
  • Estimation
  • Limits of Accuracy
  • Applying Limits of Accuracy to problems

Summer 2  Interpreting data

  • Solve problems using averages
  • Read & interpret pie charts
  • Compare frequency graphs and pie charts
  • Problem Solving Mystery Tours