9 Autumn 1

Algebraic Manipulation

*Lessons 12 and 15 may be used to recap the 4 rules of fractions.  You could use one or more of the lessons from Year 7 Spring 2 depending on the students’ understanding which can be assessed using the Exit Ticket from Lesson 11.

The end of unit assessment will only test up to lesson 14.

Lesson 1  The distributive law
Lesson 2 Expanding double brackets
Lesson 3 Expanding double brackets including negatives
Lesson 4 Using identities to expand brackets
Lesson 5 Factorising (positive terms)
Lesson 6 Factorising problems
Lesson 7 Factorising using the difference of two squares (Higher only)
Lesson 8 Factorising harder quadratics (Higher only)
Lesson 9 Consolidating factorising quadratics (Higher only)
Lesson 10 Cancelling algebraic fractions 1
Lesson 11 Cancelling algebraic fractions 2
Lesson 12* Recap of multiplying and dividing fractions
Lesson 13 Multiplying algebraic fractions
Lesson 14 Dividing algebraic fractions
Lesson 15* Recap of adding and subtracting fractions
Lesson 16 Finding an algebraic LCM
Lesson 17 Adding and subtracting algebraic fractions 1
Lesson 18 Adding and subtracting algebraic fractions 2

Half Term Check up