7 Autumn 2


Lesson 1 Arrays
Lesson 2 Comparing methods of multiplication
Lesson 3 Comparing the amount of space
Lesson 4 Finding areas of shapes made of rectangles by partitioning
Lesson 5 Solve a problem involving area and perimeter
Lesson 6  Find the area of parallelograms
Lesson 7  Find the area of triangles
Lesson 8  Find the area of trapezia
Lesson 9 Finding factors, primes and square numbers
Lesson 10 Finding the HCF
Lesson 11 Divisibility rules
Lesson 12 Division with remainders
Lesson 13 Understanding the division algorithm
Lesson 14 Multiplying and dividing with decimals
Lesson 15 Multiplying and dividing negative numbers

Autumn 1 Spaced Retrieval Quizzes