7 Summer 1

Lesson 1 – Place Value

Lesson 2 – Thousands and Millions

Lesson 3 – Zooming in!

Lesson 4 – Rounding to decimal places

Lesson 5 – Rounding Integers

Lesson 6 – Rounding to significant figures

Lesson 7 – Estimation

Lesson 8 – Upper and lower bounds

Lesson 9 – Minimum and maximum areas

Updated April 2021

Old Summer 1

This content is now in the Spring term


Lesson 1NRich Lost
Lesson 2Coordinate squares
Lesson 3Coordinate rectangles
Lesson 4Horizontal and vertical lines
Lesson 5Reflecting shapes in the coordinate axes
Lesson 6Finding areas on coordinate grids
Lesson 7Using enlargements to investigate length and area scale factors
Lesson 8Investigate the effect of rotations on coordinates.

Problem solving: Mystery Tours
These lessons are taken from Bowland Maths.  Click on the link to read about the activities.

Lesson 1 Plan the tour
Lesson 2Lead the tour
Lesson 3Report back