7 Spring 2


Teachers will be setting the following clips to be completed each week and will be checking that their students have been keeping up on a regular basis.

  • Plot and read Cartesian coordinates – Hegarty maths lesson 199
  • Understand the equations of vertical and horizontal lines – Hegarty maths lesson 205
  • Find simple rules connecting x and y coordinates – Hegarty maths lesson 199 and 205
  • Reflect, rotate, enlarge and translate shapes on a Cartesian grid – Hegarty maths lesson 637 to 658

This half term has World Book Day and Pi Day which you may like to celebrate in your lessons.

7th March World Book Day

  14th March               Pi Day

Spring 2 2019 (NEW)

Some of these lessons are from last years Year 7 Summer 1

Lesson 1 – Nrich Lost

Lesson 2 – Coordinate Squares

Lesson 3 – Understanding Translation

Lesson 4 – Coordinate Rectangles

Lesson 5 – Describing and drawing translations

Lesson 6 – Horizontal and Vertical Lines

Lesson 7 – Reflecting Shapes in the coordinate axes

Lesson 8 – Finding areas on coordinate grids

Lesson 9 – Using enlargements to investigate length and scale factors

Lesson 10 – Enlarging shapes using a centre of enlargment

Lesson 11 – Investigate the effect of rotations on coordinates

Lesson 12 – Rotating shapes on a Cartesian graph

SPRING 2 2017 – 2018

These lessons are being integrated into other half terms and lessons as this content is covered in depth at KS2


Lesson 1 Fractions and division
Lesson 2 Improper fractions
Lesson 3 Mixed numbers and improper fractions
Lesson 4 Comparing fractions
Lesson 5 Equivalent fractions
Lesson 6 Using a fraction wall
Lesson 7 Comparing fractions 2
Lesson 8 Adding and subtracting fractions with same denominator
Lesson 9 Adding and subtracting fractions with different denominator
Lesson 10 Adding and subtracting fractions magic squares and pyramids
Lesson 11 Worded questions
Lesson 12 Multiplying fractions: fraction x integer
Lesson 13 Multiplying fractions: integer x fraction
Lesson 14 Multiplying fractions: fraction x fraction
Lesson 15 Reciprocals
Lesson 16 Introducing division  by fractions
Lesson 17 Division  by fractions


                                        Spring Term Progress Check