7 Spring 2

This half term has World Book Day and Pi Day which you may like to celebrate in your lessons.

7th March World Book Day

  14th March               Pi Day

Spring 2 2019 (NEW)

Some of these lessons are from last years Year 7 Summer 1

Lesson 1 – Nrich Lost

Lesson 2 – Coordinate Squares

Lesson 3 – Understanding Translation

Lesson 4 – Coordinate Rectangles

Lesson 5 – Describing and drawing translations

Lesson 6 – Horizontal and Vertical Lines

Lesson 7 – Reflecting Shapes in the coordinate axes

Lesson 8 – Finding areas on coordinate grids

Lesson 9 – Using enlargements to investigate length and scale factors

Lesson 10 – Enlarging shapes using a centre of enlargment

Lesson 11 – Investigate the effect of rotations on coordinates

Lesson 12 – Rotating shapes on a Cartesian graph





SPRING 2 2017 – 2018

These lessons are being integrated into other half terms and lessons as this content is covered in depth at KS2


Lesson 1 Fractions and division
Lesson 2 Improper fractions
Lesson 3 Mixed numbers and improper fractions
Lesson 4 Comparing fractions
Lesson 5 Equivalent fractions
Lesson 6 Using a fraction wall
Lesson 7 Comparing fractions 2
Lesson 8 Adding and subtracting fractions with same denominator
Lesson 9 Adding and subtracting fractions with different denominator
Lesson 10 Adding and subtracting fractions magic squares and pyramids
Lesson 11 Worded questions
Lesson 12 Multiplying fractions: fraction x integer
Lesson 13 Multiplying fractions: integer x fraction
Lesson 14 Multiplying fractions: fraction x fraction
Lesson 15 Reciprocals
Lesson 16 Introducing division  by fractions
Lesson 17 Division  by fractions


                                        Spring Term Progress Check