7 Spring 1


There is no prior knowledge audit for the angles content. Students who are still struggling with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division should receive extra help. A second audit to identify these students is below if you need to use one. (It can be projected rather than printed out)

Spring 1 Prior Knowledge Audit

Lesson 1 Classifying shapes
Lesson 2 Measuring angles
Lesson 3  Angles on straight lines
Lesson 4  Vertically opposite angles and angle in parallel lines
Lesson 5  Angles in a triangle
Lesson 6  Angles in special triangles
Lesson 7  Mixed angle problems
Lesson 8  Triangle Venn Diagram Problems
Lesson 9  Drawing Triangles
Lesson 10  Angles in quadrilaterals
Lesson 11  Tessellation of triangles and quadrilaterals.
Lesson 12  Escher Tessellations

                                           Spring 1 – End of Unit Progress Check