Year 8

A simplified overview of the Year 8 Curriculum.

Please see the half term page for a more detailed version.

Autumn 1 Proportional Reasoning

Use the bar model to:

  • Solve problems involving ratio
  • Find percentages of amounts
  • Find percentage increase and decrease
  • Develop understanding of ratio tables
  • Use ratio tables to solve proportional word problems

Autumn 2 Expressions, equations and inequalities

  • Use basic index rules
  • Use algebraic conventions
  • Multiply single brackets
  • Factorise single brackets
  • Form equations and inequalities
  • Use different representations for equations
  • Solve linear equations
  • Solve linear inequalities
  • Solve word problems that lead to linear equations
  • Work with algebraic ratio problems

Spring 1 2D Geometry

  • Rounding to a given number of decimal places and significant figures
  • Find the area of compound shapes
  • Solve word problems involving areas
  • Understand the relationship between the circumference and radius of the circle
  • Find the circumference of a circle given a radius or diameter
  • Find the radius of diameter of a circle given the circumference
  • Find the length of arcs
  • Find the area of a circle given a radius or diamter
  • Find the radius or diameter of a circle given the area
  • Find the area and perimeter of compound shapes involving circles

Common Assessment 1 (Week Beginning 25/01/2021)

Spring 2  Sequences

  • Find patterns in spatial sequences
  • Find different ways of describing spatial sequences
  • Find the nth term of linear sequences
  • Frogs
  • All about Fibonacci

Summer 1 3D Geometry

  • Use isometric paper to draw 3D shapes
  • Draw plans and elevations of 3D shapes
  • Find the volume of cuboids
  • Find the volume of shapes made from cuboids
  • Use nets to find the surface Area of cuboids
  • Identifying Pyramids and prisms
  • Find the volume of prisms
  • Find the volume of pyramids
  • Find the volume of spheres
  • Find the volume of compound shapes 

Common Assessment 2 (Week Commencing 17th May 2021)

Summer 2 Statistics and probability

  • Plot Scatter diagrams
  • Interpret scatter diagrams
  • Understand correlation and causation
  • Expressing probability in numbers (From Year 7 Summer 2) 
  • Probability of single events (From Year 7 Summer 2) 
  • Relative Frequency 
  • Understanding Mutually Exclusive Events 
  • Using Sample Space diagrams
  • Independent Events 
  • Drawing and using Tree Diagrams. 

Updated August 2020