8 Spring 1

2D Geometry

The first few lessons are copies of year 7 lessons on area as year 8 wouldn’t have done these lessons last year. This will obviously change next year.

Lesson 1  Finding areas of shapes made of rectangles by partitioning
Lesson 2  Find the area of parallelograms
Lesson 3  Find the area of triangles
Lesson 4  Find the area of trapezia

Next year’s lesson will start here.

Lesson 1  Area recap
Lesson 2  Solve word problems involving area
Lesson 3  Parts of a circle
Lesson 4  Circumference of a circle
Lesson 5  Circumference problems
Lesson 6  Area of a circle
Lesson 7  Area of a compound shapes
Lesson 8 Functional area
Lesson 9 Blue and white
Lesson 10 Curvy areas

Revision Sheet       Spring 1 – End of Unit Progress Check and follow up lesson