This is where we keep the Bluecoat Academies Trust’s Schemes of Learning for mathematics.

The scheme is planned to run smoothly from year 7 through to (eventually) year 13. This is  a work in progress as different year groups have started at different stages.

There is an overview for each year group from Year 7 to Year 9; each half term is split into key lessons that need to be taught. Each lesson covers one objective. There are far fewer lessons than there actually are. This is because most lessons will actually last longer than one hour. Also, you may feel that your class needs a consolidation lesson for certain objectives.

You will see from the overviews that a significant amount of time in the Year 7 Autumn and Spring terms is devoted to developing key number concepts. This  is to build their competency  as number sense will affect their success in other areas of mathematics.

The schemes of learning for years 7, 8 and 9;

  • have number at their heart. A large proportion of time in Year 7 is spent reinforcing number to build competency. Key number skills are then fed through the rest of the scheme so that students become more and more fluent
  • give teachers ideas for how to extend higher attaining students through depth rather than acceleration onto new content
  • encourage students to generalise throughout each unit
  • ensure students   have   the   opportunity  to stay together  as  they  work  through  the schemes as a whole group
  • provide  plenty  of   opportunity   to   interleave   reasoning and problem solving elements into the curriculum.

The schemes of learning for year 10 is currently a timeline of units.  It is important that the timings are adhered to, to enable as full coverage as possible. The units are broadly matched to the text books, but please teach to the objectives, not the text books. Feel free to use the lessons from years 7-9 as appropriate. Over time, the scheme will be further developed to include exemplar lessons as developed by the maths teams in each school. All classes will follow the same unit plans in year 10.

The year 11 scheme cannot be common at this time, due to the different stages reached by different classes. As such, each DoL will advise on the scheme for each campus.

Years 12 and 13 continue as before for this year. New schemes will come on line ready for the new curriculum start in Sept 2017.