Hi all Happy Sunday... Friday was manic this week! Spaced Retrieval  This last week I have observed a number of KS4/KS5 lessons at BBA, BWA, BAA & NES and saw lots of spaced retrieval opportunities which was great. As we know spaced retrieval is incredibly important. Hermann Ebbinghaus’ theory of the "forgetting curve" is the hypothesis … Continue reading 13/10/19


Hi all Happy Friday! Year 8 Common Assessment The feedback from last years common assessment consistently included the need for a more accessible version for a small selection of our SEN cohort so we are going to trial a tiered common assessment for this assessment window. I will be preparing a very accessible version of the Year 8 Autumn … Continue reading 04/10/19


Happy Friday all - hope everyone has had a good week! Beautiful Books  Now we are 4 weeks into the new year, how are our books looking? I spent the day at BWA on Tuesday and noticed stars on the front of students books. The BWA Maths team are using stars on the front of … Continue reading 27/09/19


Hi all And hello and welcome to our new PGCE students! This year we are hosting six PGCE students for their first placement from both UoN and NTU: 2 @ BAA, 2 @ BBA, 1 @ NES and 1 @ BWA. Big thank you to all those involved in supporting them. Year 10 Summer 2 I … Continue reading 23/09/19


Hello all Year 11 Lessons Please notice that the Similar Shapes lessons in the Year 11 Higher section of the website have been uploaded (again big thank you BWA Maths!) and I have uploaded a set of solving Simultaneous Equation revision lessons in the Year 11 Foundation section (although suitable for Higher revision too!). I … Continue reading 16/09/19


Hi all Hope you are all over the shock of being back/having to wake up very early! Synoptic Questions Thank you for your hard work creating a selection of these. I am busy converting them to PowerPoint and integrating them into our lessons at the moment. I think these questions are best introduced to students … Continue reading 09/09/19

Welcome back! 02/09/19

Welcome back everyone, I hope you have all had an amazing summer break! As the new year starts I enjoy the challenge of establishing high expectations and new routines with my brand new classes. I read an article recently that quoted "You establish, what you establish" which resonated with me. Having high expectations and ensuring … Continue reading Welcome back! 02/09/19

National Numeracy Day

Hi all Happy National Numeracy Day! If you haven't seen this website raising the profile of numeracy across the country it is well worth a look. What's the issue? It shares some worrying statistics such as "half of the population have the numeracy skills of a Primary school child". There is also a numeracy quiz … Continue reading National Numeracy Day


Hi all Year 7 CAF  This is ready to print and uploaded. The deadline for data entry is the 3rd June. Thank you in advance for all your hard work ensuring that all students sit this assessment and that the data deadline is met. Year 11 Paper 1 Have been thinking about the skills and … Continue reading 09/05/19


Happy Pi Day! Year 8 Common Assessment Thank you to all of you involved with the checking of this assessment, it is now ready and in the assessment area ready for printing. The deadline for data entry is 3rd April. Year 11 Mock 2 Grade Boundaries  Following advise from AQA we will be using (slightly … Continue reading 14/03/19