19th May

Hello Maths, The Friday bulletin is back after a short break. I was intending to write one last weekend while I was on the revision weekend with Beechdale year 11's but I was having way too much fun. No, really! The weekend was organised to give students who don't usually have a good space to … Continue reading 19th May

28th April

Whenever people ask me who my hero is, I always say Malcolm Swan. Malcolm sadly passed away earlier this week, so I wanted to share a few memories with you. As all Maths teachers who completed their PGCE at Nottingham University, I was brought up with Malcolm's Shell Centre material in the early days and … Continue reading 28th April

21st April

Welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a restful holiday and a productive week back. This half term is all about years 11 and sixth form and getting them ready for their exams. New resources are popping up all the time, so do share if you find any new and useful ones. I like … Continue reading 21st April

31st March

Hi Maths What a very quick (but ridiculously busy) half term that was! I have added the first four lessons of year 8 for next half term and the first two for year 7 to the scheme. I know that the year 7 scheme has been taking quite a while to get through, so don't worry … Continue reading 31st March

17th March

Hi Maths Welcome to the Friday bulletin on Sunday! I'd like to start by apologising for the lack of assessment writing this week. Unfortunately due to a horrific case of the lurgy, I haven't been able to complete them. Rather than try and rush them, I am going to miss them out. This means there … Continue reading 17th March

March 10th

Hi Maths Thank you to all the year 11 teachers at ALC and WPC for all the marking this week for the mock exams. Having looked at the results that are in, they seem very positive at first glance, with a vast majority of the students improving their marks, and many improving their overall grades. … Continue reading March 10th

March 3rd

Hello Maths, I had the pleasure this week of going to Wollaton to help out with the Oracy Assessments for the Year 7 Angles unit of work. This was a bit of an experiment, and we weren't sure how they would work logistically or how useful they would be. Over the past couple of weeks … Continue reading March 3rd