Happy Pi Day! Year 8 Common Assessment Thank you to all of you involved with the checking of this assessment, it is now ready and in the assessment area ready for printing. The deadline for data entry is 3rd April. Year 11 Mock 2 Grade Boundaries  Following advise from AQA we will be using (slightly … Continue reading 14/03/19


Hello all Year 11 Mock 2  Hopefully the mocks have gone/are going well. I have uploaded the papers, mark schemes and student analysers to the assessment area here:  Year 11 Mock 2. Please ensure that your students have access to the student analysers, they are a fantastic resource for students to self-correct their work and … Continue reading 12/02/19


Hello all Year 7 and 9 Common Assessment You can find the Year 7 and Year 9 Spring Common Assessments in the assessment section now. The deadline for G4S data entry is 13/02/19. Thank you in advance for all your hard working marking these and meeting this deadline. Year 11 Mock 2 I recently shared the … Continue reading 24/01/19


Happy New Year! Hope you have all had a lovely time with your family and friends over Christmas, I know I have - today has come as quite a shock! I have already written 2018 twice... Three things from me this week: Low Stakes Testing As our curriculum is linear the importance of regularly retrieving prior … Continue reading 07/01/19


Hello! Year 10 Common Assessment Thank you for all of your work getting these assessments completed and marked in time for the deadline today. I have calculated the Year 10 CAF grade boundaries to be as follows: Grade 9 : 46 (out of 50) Grade 8 : 40 Grade 7 : 34 Grade 6 : … Continue reading 19/12/18


Happy December and Happy Friday! Number Rolling on the BBC and ITV Initially I wasn't sure about number rolling; which is essentially whole class chanting of multiples to actions in a bid to help the recall of times tables. However as soon as I saw a Year 7 girl quietly and quickly number rolling her multiples … Continue reading 07/12/18


Hello everyone  Year 10 Common Assessment  Thank you all for your feedback on the provisional Year 10 Common Assessment. The Year 10 Common Assessment is ready and stored in our new assessment section on here. For security there is a new password to gain access to this page which I will let you know via … Continue reading 29/11/18


Thank you to teachers of Year 8, the first CAF deadline was met by all. Hurray! Going forward we need to ensure that data is inputted in plenty of time to give us ample opportunity to chase students that were absent when the assessment was sat. At our subject leaders meeting this week we discussed … Continue reading 09/11/18


Hello Maths, Year 8 Common Assessment 1 The first official common assessment is ready. All Year 8 students across the trust should be doing this assessment next week in lessons. The assessment requires 50 minutes; if you have students that are officially allowed extra time then please allow for this and complete the assessment before … Continue reading 15/10/18