Happy New Year! Hope you have all had a lovely time with your family and friends over Christmas, I know I have - today has come as quite a shock! I have already written 2018 twice... Three things from me this week: Low Stakes Testing As our curriculum is linear the importance of regularly retrieving prior … Continue reading 07/01/19


Hello! Year 10 Common Assessment Thank you for all of your work getting these assessments completed and marked in time for the deadline today. I have calculated the Year 10 CAF grade boundaries to be as follows: Grade 9 : 46 (out of 50) Grade 8 : 40 Grade 7 : 34 Grade 6 : … Continue reading 19/12/18


Happy December and Happy Friday! Number Rolling on the BBC and ITV Initially I wasn't sure about number rolling; which is essentially whole class chanting of multiples to actions in a bid to help the recall of times tables. However as soon as I saw a Year 7 girl quietly and quickly number rolling her multiples … Continue reading 07/12/18


Hello everyone  Year 10 Common Assessment  Thank you all for your feedback on the provisional Year 10 Common Assessment. The Year 10 Common Assessment is ready and stored in our new assessment section on here. For security there is a new password to gain access to this page which I will let you know via … Continue reading 29/11/18


Thank you to teachers of Year 8, the first CAF deadline was met by all. Hurray! Going forward we need to ensure that data is inputted in plenty of time to give us ample opportunity to chase students that were absent when the assessment was sat. At our subject leaders meeting this week we discussed … Continue reading 09/11/18


Hello Maths, Year 8 Common Assessment 1 The first official common assessment is ready. All Year 8 students across the trust should be doing this assessment next week in lessons. The assessment requires 50 minutes; if you have students that are officially allowed extra time then please allow for this and complete the assessment before … Continue reading 15/10/18


Hello all Apologies that the bulletin is a bit late this week, I have been distracted by all of the exam reviews. It has been very interesting to analyse all the data from the summer examinations. Here are some highlights: 80% of the cohort from Bluecoat Wollaton achieved grade 4+ which was the highest proportion to … Continue reading 24/09/18


Hello all This past fortnight I have attended INSET sessions at NES and the TeachMeet's at BAA and both have spoken about the value of collaborative learning so in this bulletin I would like to talk a little about a collaborative learning strategy that I have planned into a Year 10 lesson (lesson 9). Before I … Continue reading 17/09/18


Hi all Hope your first week back has gone well! Year 10 Lessons – Trigonometry I hope you are finding these lessons easy to follow and effective at securing your pupils’ understanding of the Sine Ratio. These lessons introduce trigonometry much slower than perhaps you have introduced trigonometry before. This is intentional with the aim … Continue reading 10/09/18