Hi all Hope the Year 7 and Year 9 common assessments have gone smoothly. Any feedback about these would be greatly appreciated. Revision Resources I attended a Subject Leaders Network meeting this week at the University of Nottingham and some fantastic revision resources were shared. In particular some resources from Access Maths I particularly like … Continue reading 24/01/2020

Happy New Year!

Welcome back all - I hope your first week back has gone smoothly! Festival of Learning - 6th January 2020 My main takeaways from James Nottinghams' talk include: The importance of stretch and challenge and how we view and should talk about challenge in a positive way. Easy vs. Interesting. Do we describe the challenge … Continue reading Happy New Year!


Hi all Year 10 Foundation Pathway I have now started to create a Foundation Pathway through the Year 10 Curriculum (see Spring 1). I will work on each half term as we go, please discuss with your Head of Maths about which pathway your class should be following. You will also see that I will … Continue reading 13/12/19


Year 8 CAF Review  The results are in and you should now be able to identify which of your students have under performed via Go4Schools and update your CAF reviews and plan your interventions accordingly. Big thank you to you all - it appears as though every single student across the trust sat the Year … Continue reading 22/11/19


GCSE Problems of the Day  Thank you to Michelle from BWA for sharing this resource this week : GCSE-Problems-of-the-Day PPT A lovely set of problems for our KS4 students from White Rose MathsHub. I have also saved this in our Year 11 Revision Resources section. Fibonacci Day (23/11) This falls on a Saturday this year … Continue reading 15/11/19


Year 10 Common Assessment 1  Students should have now taken this assessment. It is easier for us to complete the CAF review whilst/shortly after marking so I have uploaded the template here: CAF review. We will not be able to complete the data section until after the data deadline Friday, 22nd November. There will be grade … Continue reading 08/11/19


Hi all Hope everyone has enjoyed the half term break - how nice was it to have two weeks this year?! Year 10 Common Assessment  These are now online and can be found here: Autumn 2 Assessment. The data deadline for the Year 8 Common assessment is the 15th November - thank you in advance for … Continue reading 04/11/19


Hi all Happy Sunday... Friday was manic this week! Spaced Retrieval  This last week I have observed a number of KS4/KS5 lessons at BBA, BWA, BAA & NES and saw lots of spaced retrieval opportunities which was great. As we know spaced retrieval is incredibly important. Hermann Ebbinghaus’ theory of the "forgetting curve" is the hypothesis … Continue reading 13/10/19


Hi all Happy Friday! Year 8 Common Assessment The feedback from last years common assessment consistently included the need for a more accessible version for a small selection of our SEN cohort so we are going to trial a tiered common assessment for this assessment window. I will be preparing a very accessible version of the Year 8 Autumn … Continue reading 04/10/19


Happy Friday all - hope everyone has had a good week! Beautiful Books  Now we are 4 weeks into the new year, how are our books looking? I spent the day at BWA on Tuesday and noticed stars on the front of students books. The BWA Maths team are using stars on the front of … Continue reading 27/09/19